Zeynep Arçay is the founder and creative director of her namesake, women’s designer brand. Based in Istanbul, Zeynep Arçay is a smart, sophisticated collection of edgy silhouettes, created for the modern woman.

Prior to launching her brand in 2013, Arçay served as a top executive in the technology industry for long years. The decision to pursue a lifelong dream of creating her own fashion brand was born from her desire to apply her strength, passion and business savvy to a new endeavor that would reflect her style and sensibilities and also represent her roots.

Since leather has always been her favorite texture - one she believes has the ability to make a woman look unique, stylish and strong - Arçay’s initial focus was on fine leathers. Her vision was to give leather a new identity and she did so by working with paper-thin leathers so lightweight they could be contorted and manipulated like any other fabric. The result was stunning, fashion-forward pieces that were elegant with an incredible fit. She rounded out the collection with a variety of other luxury fabrics to help complete the full looks she wanted to achieve.

Zeynep Arçay embodies a timeless, sophisticated aesthetic that is both strong and feminine. With a focus on impeccable fit, quality fabrics and handmade designs, Arçay continues to create innovative fashion for the modern woman.