My roots go back to Crete Island and I had my childhood in Mediterranean coast of Turkey.. My parents had my sister and myself 13 years after they got married and this fact made us really important for them and we have been a very close family… Whole my life I have felt their love… Even as a little girl I was very ambitious and curious… I loved painting..

I have served as a top executive in the technology industry for long years. When I lost my mom very suddenly I realized that there might not be tomorrow and I felt it was exactly the right time for me to pursue my lifelong dream of creating my own fashion brand. I had taken the strength to make this huge change in my life from my mother and have always felt her support even she was not with me anymore.

Since leather has always been my favorite texture - one I believe has the ability to make a woman look unique, stylish and strong - my initial focus was on fine leathers. My vision was to give leather a new identity and we did so by working with paper-thin leathers so lightweight they could be contorted and manipulated like any other fabric. We rounded out the collection with a variety of other luxury fabrics to help complete the full looks I wanted to achieve.

Since 2013, Zeynep Arçay embodies a timeless, sophisticated aesthetic that is both strong and feminine with a focus on impeccable fit, quality fabrics and handmade designs…