Zeynep Arçay Web Site Privacy Policy

  1. All necessary measures to provide privacy and protection of the information and transactions of our customers when logging in or registering Zeynep Arçay web site (, are taken by the system and Internet infrastructure of Zeynep Arçay and/or related card institutions. Passwords of credit cards or bank cards can definitely not be seen and recorded by the brand Zeynep Arçay.
  2. Information, which our customers enter when registering to our web site and/or when updating their information after becoming a member along with the private information related to their credit or bank cards, shall not be disclosed to other Internet users.
  3. Information related to our customers may be disclosed to other institutions in line with our liability arising as a result of legal regulations.
  4. Contact information of our customers, which they have provided during their registration for membership and/or purchasing procedures, can be saved for activities such as advertisement, promotion, communication and sales. Such information may be kept, processed and when considered as necessary shared and used at Zeynep Arçay.
  5. In all other web sites to which a link has been given over our web site, the privacy and security policies as well as terms of use of the related web sites shall be valid. The brand Zeynep Arçay and Zeynep Arçay web site shall not be hold responsible pecunary losses and intangible damages, which may arise from using, storing and sharing, security and privacy principles of other web sites, accessed over our web site for diverse purposes such as looking up for advertisement, banner and content.